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Yes...it's true. In addition to having a heavy movie scoring schedule in June, Mark's dog fell off a cliff just before he was supposed to be in Milwaukee for the opening. Mark's plan was to fly into WI on the morning of the 21st, and then leave the same night to get back to LA for Sunday scoring.

Seems the dog was wandering around as Mark surveyed new property in the Hollywood Hills, and inadvertently slipped off a nearby cliff. Thankfully, the dog survived, and only hurt its leg, but had to be driven to a surgeon in Irvine, CA on the same morning that Mark was to fly to WI.

So, upon buying some cases of Rolling Rock beer for the opening, I noticed a promotional item hanging from the side of the box - a green foam rubber Rolling Rock jersey/bottle sleeve. It was beyond ridiculous.

We decided that an effigy of Mark needed to wear the jersey during the reception. Everyone loved talking to the very sporty artist.

Photo by Michael Pilmer -- Please do not use w/o permission